Surface Detergents

For the cleaning of floors, furniture and domestic surfaces, entrusted to the quality of the products offered by our company. You will find detergents for the kitchen and the bathroom, detergents specific for delicate and / or precious materials, such as parquet, and for sanitary pieces, and a range of items for glass and windows. Fratelli Poppi offers you products from the most famous brands: Wc Net, Viakal, Pronto, Vetril, etc ..

Dishwasher Detergents

A line of detergents for cleaning dishes and dishes, available in various sizes and in a wide range of fragrances. You will find high quality detergents, able to remove even the most stubborn dirt residues, giving a pleasant aroma to your kitchen. You can also choose specific products for dishwashers, both liquids and tablets, brighteners and degreasers.

Detergents and Softeners

Fratelli Poppi offers you a wide range of laundry detergents and softeners, with specific products for each fabric, including the most delicate ones. Detergents for wool and silk, for the brightest colors and dark-colored garments, scented softeners for the maintenance of your garments and many other quality items, both for hand washing and for the washing machine.

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Scope, Brushes, Sponges and Spare Parts

Do you want to purchase home cleaning accessories in large quantities? Fratelli Poppi offers you a line of products and materials for washing floors, sanitary parts and surfaces: brooms, brushes, sponges, patches and cloths of brand Spontex, Winni’s and others. You can choose the most suitable items for your needs, with the Poppi quality guarantee and the most competitive prices on the market.

Acids, Alcohol and Distilled

For the maintenance of sanitary parts, the sanitization of the house and the condominium, and the removal of the most difficult dirt, here is the right solution for you: from acids to distillates, to alcohol, plus many other products specific, with guaranteed effectiveness. Fratelli Poppi offers you everything you need for cleaning your home and interior environments, to quickly eliminate stains, grease and residues.

Insecticides and Anti-mosquito Nets

Our company offers insecticides against the main categories of insects and domestic parasites: ant and cockroach sprays, anti-moth and mite tablets, specific products for food storage. In addition, you will find an exclusive line against mosquitoes, which includes electrical devices, tablets, scented wipes, zander for outdoor environments and much more.

Paper, Bags And Towels

A complete supply of consumables for the home, kitchen and catering: Scottex absorbent paper, Tenderly and Bulky Soft napkins, food and garbage bags, baking paper and aluminum, transparent film, plastic dishes and glasses and much more. Discover all our products and save on the purchase, taking advantage of our advantageous prices!

Accessories and Charges

With our promotions, you can purchase home care, kitchen and bathroom accessories, room fragrances, consumer products and cleaning accessories at unbeatable prices. Fratelli Poppi also offers you refills for detergents and detergents from the most famous manufacturers: an additional way to save on spending, without giving up on proper domestic hygiene.