Consulting for companies

Would you like assistance with the choice of detergents, detergents and products best suited to your needs? Do you own a cleaning company or a public company? Our company, Fratelli Poppi, has set up a useful consulting service, aimed at identifying the best products for each type of intervention. Thanks to our experience, we are able to advise you on the most advantageous and effective solutions, analyzing with you the needs of your company. We have, in fact, detergents, detergents, insecticides and accessories, equipped with the relative safety card, for industrial and domestic cleaning, for floors and surfaces, for the kitchen and for the bathroom, and for any other environment – inside and outside – that requires maintenance. To request specialized advice, contact our staff!

Shipping and delivery

We offer an efficient shipping and delivery service, which is available for free throughout Italy. Deliveries are established according to the needs of the customer, who can agree time, day and place for the receipt of goods. Thanks to our distribution network, we can guarantee a constant and regular supply for cleaning companies, accommodation facilities, hospitals and clinics, offices and industrial plants, public and private bodies. For shipments abroad (Europe, China, Africa, etc.), instead, a small surcharge is expected.

Products on order

In addition to the products in the catalog, you can order items “on request”, depending on your needs. Our company, in fact, allows you to customize your supplies to the maximum, to ensure proper maintenance and regular cleaning of apartment blocks, domestic and industrial. To request further information, contact our specialized staff: you will immediately receive assistance and a free estimate!

Wholesale sales

Our company, Fratelli Poppi, operates in the wholesale sector of cleaning products … and more. You can request a “tailor-made” supply for your company, your office or for the condominium, with detergents, detergents and accessories in various formats. The service is aimed at both companies that deal with the maintenance of condominiums, public and private buildings, industrial plants and workplaces, which directly to the owners of points of sale, hotels, offices, etc. .. Entrusted to the expertise of the company Fratelli Poppi and of his staff and immediately discover our vast assortment of products, available for your every need.

Contact us to request a personalized and free quote!