Detergents and Detergents

A specific line, dedicated to industrial cleanings and workplaces, which includes floor and surface detergents, detergents for delicate materials, anti-dust sprays, products for health services and for the canteen, and other articles for the sanification of external environments. Fratelli Poppi offers you everything you need to better sanitize warehouses, warehouses and factories: choose your supplies and save on your purchases, without sacrificing quality!


Fratelli Poppi is specialized in the sale of bleach in various formats: a range of effective and safe products, ideal for washing and sanitizing floors, surfaces and work environments. You can choose the most suitable detergents for industrial cleaning, leaving you advised by our qualified staff!

Acids, Distillates and Degreasers

We specialize in the sale of degreasers, acids and distillates for industrial cleaning: in this section you will find the most performing products, which will allow you to sanitize any environment and remove even the most difficult dirt. You will also find specific items for the bathroom and public spaces.

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Antibacterial and Alcohol

For an even more intense and complete cleaning, choose our antibacterials (alcohol, spray, etc.), able to remove both the dirt and the colonies of bacteria. A line of articles for industrial cleaning and cleaning companies, which you can use for cleaning and sanitizing environments accessible to the public.

Pezze, scope and clothes

With Fratelli Poppi you can buy complete supplies for your cleaning company at competitive prices: in this section you will find consumables and accessories, such as patches, brooms, cloths and brushes. You can also request assistance from our staff, to find the right solution for your needs!

Accessories and Machinery

Fratelli Poppi offers you devices and machinery for industrial cleaning and for the maintenance of public facilities, points of sale, offices, health and education facilities, hotels and restaurants. Our catalog also includes accessories for cleaning, refills and more: a range of safe products, free of harmful components for man or the environment, available at low cost.